Motorcycle Waving Arm for Harley Davidson

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This page isn't fancy. Just whipped it up to display the new Amazing Custom Motorcycle Waving Arm, designed specifically for our friend, Eddie. Eddie can't ride, so we ride for him. We raise money to help with Eddie's expenses.
He'd do the same for any of us.

(Click on the image below to see the video.)

        So, the new Waving Arm is much better than the original version. Why?

1.     Better materials. Fine pine board for the arm itself, and cedar for the mounting frame.
2.     Painted with automotive paint and clear coat for durability that the original lacked. (One of it's fingers came
        off during a tornado.)
3.     A more robust assembly. Stainless steel hardware, nylon bushings, two hinges instead of just one, and more
        stringent specifications.
4.     The finger can be changed from the gool ol' pointer over to "the finger" in just a few seconds using the
        unique Velcro system. The finger is tethered to the arm in case it works its way loose during a tornado...or for
        any other reason that might make the finger come loose.
5.     Rubber washers between the arm and the mounting frame, as well as rubber shock absorbers in the hinge
6.     It has a fine watch and a tiger tattoo, as well as "www.EddieKieger.com" all over it.
7.     Can be secured to the bike using either good quality wire ties, or with a bunch of bungee cords.
8.     It has a serial number of "2." Serial number "1" is mine. I built it first so I could make mistakes on it before I
        built the one for Eddie's auction. This one is a lot better than mine.

        Below are a bunch of random pictures of the New Amazing Custom Motorcycle Waving Arm, version 2.0.

The Finger
Hanging Finger
Under Construction
Palm Detail
Serial number

Gold horizontal line