Motorcycle Waving Arm for Harley Davidson

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When you are riding your motorcycle, are you confused whether you should wave to other bikers or not? Do you find that your arm and shoulder gets tired and sore from all that waving?

The Motorcycle Waving Arm allows you to wave at everyone on the road without wearing yourself out. You'll arrive without offending any bikers, and your arm will be ready to engage in "real biker" activities, including drinking beer and making rude gestures to your friends.
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The Amazing Custom Motorcycle Waving Arm was developed by Frank, the Real Biker to satisfy the demand for something to help with the waving dilemna that all bikers must endure. The Waving Arm wasn't a "rush" job. It took 2 to 3 hours from inception to trial run. As evident by the photos below, no expense was spared and no detail was overlooked.

Waving Arm beginning 1
Waving Arm beginning 2
Waving Arm beginning 3
The original before more alterations.
Note the realistic detailed fingers.
Realistic watch for believability.
The hinge
The hinge mechanism.
Closeup of the hinge.
The "elbow" on the arm.
Extended waving arm
Partially extened waving arm
Folded waving arm
Extended arm.
Partially folded arm.
Nearly folded arm.
Front view of waving arm
Rear view of waving arm
Side view waving arm folded
Front view of waving arm.
Rear view of waving arm.
Side view, partially folded.
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