Motorcycle Waving Arm for Harley Davidson

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Motorcycle Rocket Launcher
Tired of people turning left in front of you? Have you had it up to "here" with cars and trucks that drift into your lane? If so, the new, incredible Motorcycle Rocket Launcher is exactly what you need.

It will seek out and "turn off" any vehicle that endangers you on the roadway, clear traffic from your path, and it can be used to play pranks on your friends by blowing up their car or house. Everyone enjoys a good prank like that!
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The Incredible Motorcycle Rocket Launcher was developed by Frank, the Real Biker to help fellow "real bikers" eliminate bad drivers on the road. Though this method of taking care of a problem is sometimes frowned upon by law enforcement, if you can get an officer to speak candidly about it he will tell you "Thanks for helping us out!"

Leave a comment for Frank. He appreciates feedback about his products and website.

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