Motorcycle Waving Arm for Harley Davidson

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Not many people know it, but Frank the Real Biker is very famous. His popularity comes from his wisdom of the "real biker" lifestyle, craftsmanship that is second to none, and an uncanny ability to invent and produce motorcycle products that let people become "real bikers" almost overnight. This website showcases some of his finest products and ideas. Take a few minutes to look around and get to know Frank the Real Biker.
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Here we have a photo of Frank the Real Biker, engaging in one of his favorite pastimes.
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You'll Enjoy Them!

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Frank is now really famous. He donated one of his Amazing Custom Motorcycle Waving Arms to the Wheels Through Time Museum, owned and operated by Dale Walksler, the star of the TV show, "What's In The Barn?" Frank's Waving Arm now has a prestigious spot in the museum. Well, OK...maybe not prestigious. It is on display near the exit from the museum. Frank really didn't expect it to be worthy of a location next to a 100 year old Harley. The photo on the left (below) is of Dale, Frank's motorcycle, and Frank giving the arm to Dale. (As opposed to giving him the finger!) Next to that is a photo of Frank and Dale's son, Matt, standing by the Amazing Custom Motorcycle Waving Arm in the museum.
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Motorcycle Waving Arm for Harley Davidson
Motorcycle Rocket Launcher
Fuel Tank Tamper

Another video! I threw this one together to highlight the new ACMWA and to draw attention to a good cause.

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